About Us

Passion project turned purpose

Pixsea is a sustainable snack brand built on big dreams.

It all started with Richard Tower... a commercial fisherman, a girl dad at heart, and a man that believed in doing what you love. His daughter, Kelsea, grew up on his boat, Unicorn, and learned the meaning of hard work, the beauty of Mother Nature, and the importance of prioritizing your health.

Rich was born with a heart defect that lead to countless health issues and hardships in the fishing industry. When Rich passed away, Kelsea was inspired to create a product that supported hard working farmers (on land and at sea), improved the planet, and gave consumers a better option.

Kelsea spent years researching regenerative agriculture and aquaculture, working alongside farmers across the country, and developing a premium product. After a lot of R&D (and a little bit of soul searching), Pixsea Puffs were born. There are a lot of snacks out there but our purpose sets us apart.

We partner with suppliers that know farmers by name. We use high quality ingredients that remove toxins and replenish nutrients. And we put our heart into everything we do. We hope our snacks make you smile and inspire you to chase a dream. All you need is faith, trust, and Pixsea dust.